Ever wanted to learn programming but didn’t know where to start? Ever wanted to build a website or a computer game? Or just tell computer what to do? Now you can start learning with Codilingo! You may use it on your PC or your mobile phone and learn comfortably in your spare time.

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Learn programming quickly and effortlessly

We skip boring explanations and let you learn by doing. With our approach you can make constant progress with as little as 5 minutes a day.

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Learn everywhere

Now you can learn programming everywhere you want. You can comfortably use Codilingo app on your mobile phone in a bus or sitting on a bench in the park.

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Join our great community!

Join our growing community of awesome programmers, passionate learners and IT enthusiasts. Here you are always welcome!

Start learning with Codilingo

We are building Codilingo to give you a way to learn programming easily and with a lot of fun.

You may use Codilingo web app when you are at your desktop or laptop. You may also use it with your mobile phone riding the bus or relaxing on the beach or in the park.

With Codilingo even 5 minutes a day is a good starting point to learn programming.